Support the Task Force!

The Philadelphia Reparations Task Force is welcoming community members to support our work! Supporters of the task force will join a growing team of volunteers that are helping to research, advocacy, and engage our community. Task Force supporters can join anyone of the various committees and help coordinators and co-chairs with reparations research and advocacy. Here’s a list of the following committees and their descriptions.

  • Atlantic World History
  • Economic Justice
  • Education (Public & Post-Secondary)
  • Criminal & Legal Justice System
  • Law & Policy (Domestic & International)
  • Health & Wellness
  • Human Services & Community Resources
  • Urban Planning & Sustainable Development

For those seeking to support the task force, please complete this Support the PHL Reparations Task Force Form! If you have any questions, please email us at!

If you would like to donate to the Philadelphia Reparations Task Force, or have ideas you would like to share, please email us at! Donations, contributions, and sponsorships are welcome.
Thank You!