DESCRIPTION: Law & Policy (International & Domestic) Coordinator

The Philadelphia Reparations Task Force seek a Law & Policy Expert to lead community cohorts and a law & policy committee to develop reparations proposals that provide solutions to the issues of constitutional, civil, and human rights violations among Black Philadelphians. The coordinator must have the capacity to provide pro bono professional expertise, be excellent coordinators, and work very well with others. Applicants should have experience in the sector, and experience in activism, social justice, grassroots community organizing, or reparatory justice. Task Force members will be generally expected to: 

  • Develop, read, review, and write reports.
  • Coordinate meetings, dates, and timelines.
  • Build and maintain partnerships in their sector.
  • Conduct surveys and co-create related reports.
  • Advocate for the descendant group’s self-determination.
  • Develop and manage committees, subcommittees, and stakeholder relationships.
  • Participate in and lead courses, conferences, convenings, fundraising efforts, media and community forums, and public events.


The Law & Policy Expert will be tasked with:

  • Organizing other law and policy experts to develop proposals and support cases at the municipal, state, federal and international law levels with respect to peoplehood and the self-determination of the descendant group. 
  • Studying reparations, succession, sovereignty and self-determination for the descendant group from any de facto jurisdiction, especially one responsible for their enslavement and subjection to governance under the pretense of de jure citizenship and democracy. 
  • Studying the descendant groups’ right to preserve land, language, culture, religion, heritage, and migration as rights entitled by birth, independent of any human-made laws or customs.
  • Coordinating and researching with multiple legal experts who understand various forms of law both domestically and internationally.
  • Studying the ability of U.S. law to provide redress for descendant communities.
  • Identifying the pros and cons of various sovereign communities, their forms of government, and self-determination, leadership, their economies, political systems, and community health, governmental institutional support for their land ownership/collective governance. 
  • Study self-determined communities across the diaspora and indigenous sovereignty and law
  • Research and synthesis history and current legal implications facing the descendants of Freedmen of the Five Tribes: Black/Freedmen operated towns, i.e. The Cherokee nation granted 166 acre lands to each freedmen resulting in Oklahoma becoming the state with the most independently ran Black towns.
  • Drafting law and policy for a future Office or Bureau for the descendant group in Philadelphia 
  • Research potential future litigation against the state for various violations of Black Americans’ rights
  • Promote how best to enforce and provide for the Slavery Era Business/Corporate Insurance Disclosure and Financial Reparations laws, Bills No. 040133-A and 050615, working alongside Economic Expert and other task force members
  • Study and develop Philadelphia’s case for genocide under proxmire act 
  • Presenting reparations recommendations that comport with international standards of remedy for wrongs and injuries caused by the state that include full reparations and special measures as understood by various international protocols.

Qualifications, Necessary Skills and Required Responsibilities:

  • Experience reviewing and developing policy.
  • A deep knowledge and understanding of the various forms of law that impact and will impact the descendant group.
  • Strong research and analytical skills.
  • Ability to collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders and advocate for change..
  • Experience in criminal justice, law enforcement, or related fields.
  • Strong research and analytical skills.
  • Ability to coordinate, organize, and engage with a diverse range of stakeholders and law experts to review and develop strategies and suits for change.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual audits of the criminal justice systems and co-create reports of data with committee members.
  • Sharp time management skills.
  • Strong ethics, with an ability to manage confidential data.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for diplomacy.
  • Experienced, empathetic, culturally competent, and trauma-informed, with experience working with various stakeholders across sectors and legal fields.
  • Ability to coordinate committees and collaborate with communities.
  • Display adept organizational abilities in managing the subcommittee’s research efforts, ensuring all facets of the various laws are thoroughly examined and synthesized.
  • Attend internal Philadelphia Reparations Task Force meetings, subcommittee meetings, and public community sessions.
  • Assist with the integration of the Task Force’s policy goals and targeted campaigns.
  • Leadership ability to co-create effective initiatives and solutions that acknowledge and resolve past injustices, and build new and improved policies and scrutiny of law that honor the descendant group.

Complete applications by January 15th, 2024 via the form
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