DESCRIPTION: Human Services and Community Resources Coordinator

The Philadelphia Reparations Task Force seeks a Human Services and Community Resource Coordinator to lead community cohorts and a human services and community resources committee through addressing and resolving the issues within the human services and community resources sector for Black Philadelphians. The coordinator must have the capacity to provide pro bono professional expertise, be excellent coordinators, and work very well with others. Applicants should have experience in the sector, and experience in activism, social justice, grassroots community organizing, or reparatory justice. Task Force members will be generally expected to: 

  • Develop, read, review, and write reports.
  • Coordinate meetings, events, and timelines.
  • Build and maintain partnerships in their sector.
  • Conduct surveys and co-create related reports.
  • Advocate for the descendant group’s self-determination.
  • Develop and manage committees, subcommittees, and stakeholder relationships.
  • Participate in and lead courses, conferences, convenings, fundraising efforts, media and community forums, and public events.

The Human Services and Community Resources Coordinator will work with community stakeholders to calculate and measure the reparative action needed for Black Philadelphians to remedy the issues they face across each sector. The coordinator will orchestrate various cohort interviews, workshops, and conversations to help the descendant group index their inheritance, education, personal health and activities, professional wellness and mobility, social network and net-worth, finances and assets. The coordinator will also coordinate trauma-informed social-psychological and socio-emotional care resources to the descendant group in real-time as needed. 

Reports will provide the legislature and Black Philadelphians with a guide on ways to: 

Necessary Skills and Required Responsibilities:

  • A deep understanding of the historical and current challenges faced by the descendant group.
  • Experience in human services, public and behavioral health, social services, or human resources.
  • Strong institutional and community organizing ability.
  • Ability to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of international human rights standards and protocols.
  • Manage stakeholder and peer relationships, and coordinate meetings, dates, and timelines.
  • Create and support the development of internal and external media to educate and engage donors, stakeholders, team members, and public audiences.
  • Participate in courses, conferences, convenings, fundraising efforts, media, panels, community events more to remain well connected to the community, inform organizational leadership on relevant systems and developments that promote and employ the impact sector’s best practices, and promote Black Americans self-determination.
  • Evaluate organizational leadership, programs and partnership efficacy to be evolved as necessary.
  • Promote common and complementary government and grantmaking agendas and advance learning in the human services, community resources, philanthropic, administrative, and advocacy sectors.
  • Expertise, empathetic, culturally competent, and trauma-informed, with experience working with various communities, children, adults and professionals across sectors.
  • Recommend legislative action to remedy and amend policies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Complete applications by January 15th, 2024 via the form
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