The Philadelphia Reparations Task Force is onboarding eight (8) members from the descendant group who reside in the City of Philadelphia and have done so for at least a decade. Members of the descendant group are defined as Black and African American descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States, the descendants of so called “Black,” “Negro,” or “Colored” Americans since 1865, and the descendants of Freedmen emancipated from slavery. 

The 8 Reparations Task Force Committees are as follows:

  • Public & Post-Secondary Education
  • Economic Justice
  • Health & Wellness
  • Criminal Justice
  • Domestic & International Law & Policy
  • Urban Planning & Sustainable Development
  • Atlantic World History
  • Human Services & Community Resources

Task Force Members are provide pro bono professional experts, excellent coordinators, and work very well with others. Task Force Members have experience in the sector of the committee they are coordinating, and experience in activism, social justice, grassroots community organizing, or reparatory justice. Task Force members will: 

  • Develop, read, review and write reports.
  • Coordinate meetings, dates, and timelines.
  • Build and maintain partnerships in their sector.
  • Conduct surveys and co-create related reports.
  • Advocate for the descendant group’s self-determination.
  • Develop and manage committees, subcommittees, and stakeholder relationships.
  • Participate in and lead courses, conferences, convenings, fundraising efforts, media and community forums, and public events.

For those seeking to simply support the task force as a volunteer, please complete this Support the PHL Reparations Task Force Form!

Please send all questions to