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Chris Mulhern, Ian Berry, Andrew Cannon, Tom Asta : Photo: rep215


Q) It's amazing seeing you progress so much in the past few years. You just turned 21 and last I saw, Ant's wearing your Fallen shoe that's not out yet. What's it like beginning your pro career for Black Box? and how old were you when you went AM?

It’s pretty crazy actually because everything happened so fast ha, I went am just about a year or 2 ago, then everything just started flying… its an awesome start so far though being involved with black box, all the dudes there are super cool and it feels at home so I’m siked to be a part of something like that.

Q) Ant and Note have been filming and editing Memory Gun for a long time, and they're finally putting it together. Was there footage you had to give up for your new Mystery part or was most of it filmed with a VX anyhow?

yea it has been a while, but most of the footage I filmed for memory gun was either left overs or footage that couldn’t be used in mystery because of it being VX, so it was cool I never really had to make decisions on which tricks should go where kinda all fell into place that way.

Q) I went to 'theskateboardmag.com' today as routine, and seen that PIIQ , a new Sony head phone deal, put you and Chris on their team. That's so rad, Do you get free Sony product now like PS3 and TV's too?

Haha yea its pretty cool I’m siked to be a part of that too, its something different and not to in detail. I dont get all free sony product, but I do get very large discounts on things like that so still pretty awesome.

Q) With all of your success so young, I'm gonna guess you started skating around 10-11 years old? How old were you when you rode for G-spot (RIP)? And when did skating get put into perspective as a possible career for you?

Yup I was 10 when I started skating, I think I was about 14 when I first rode for Gspot and I had no idea it could probably be a career until I was about 18 probably...and even then I still never took it too seriously like it should be a career its more of just being lucky for an opportunity like this, so just go with it for however long it seems to go.

Q) I don't want to pry too much into your life, so I'll end it with congratulating you on those tricks down LOVE, your split 'Strange World' part with Chris, your recruit on The Berrics, turning pro this year, your new deal with Sony, and for your efforts of staying in PA. When do you think you'll move to CA, or do you think you're going to live here and travel there?

Haha well thanks man I appreciate it. I really don’t know, my plans right now if I had to answer, would be living here in PA and traveling there, but things do change so you never know, but I like being in PA just around the friends and family, its just home.


Jesse Clayton - Fith Pocket Design | Tom Asta | Luke Darigan - Photographer