The PHL Reparations Task Force

For Our People, By Our People

PHL Council

Providing the legislature with a report on how reparations in all of its forms can atone for the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow and humanitarian rights violations.

Black Philly

Working with Black Philadelphia to provide for all the reparations needed in their individual and collective repair, healing, and self-determination in the world.


Uncovering the truth to the history of Philadelphia, the United States of America, and the World to provide justice to Black Philadelphia and subsequently, their family in the diaspora.


Join the volunteers working with the Philadelphia Reparations Task Force to study and develop reparations proposals and programs for Black Philadelphians whose ancestors endured chattel slavery and Jim Crow in the United States. Together, let's work to elevate and protect the full human rights and human potential of Black Philadelphia in real-time.